Clinical Research Intern (CeREBRAL – Clinical Rehabilitation, Behavioural Research and Assessment Laboratory)

Singapore General Hospital

Mar 2019 – Present Singapore

Proposed a collaborative project between the Department of Psychology and Department of Podiatry to investigate the psychological determinants of orthotic device adherence. This project will commence in July 2020.

Collaborating with a team of researchers on the development and validation of a psychometrically validated mindfulness questionnaire for use in Singapore.

Assisted in other research projects assessing the efficacy of mindfulness-based group interventions in clinical populations (e.g. stroke patients, patients with chronic sleeping problems).

Other responsibilities include:

  • Administration of questionnaire batteries to clinical research participants

  • Transcription of focus group discussions

  • Questionnaire data entry and verification

  • Literature reviews (including but not limited to questionnaire construction, second victim syndrome, stroke intervention adherence)


Student Researcher

NTU Touch Lab, Nanyang Technological University

Aug 2018 – Jun 2019 Singapore

Conducted independent research under Associate Professor Ryo Kitada and Dr Achille Pasqualotto to examine the multisensory relationships between pleasantness and softness.

In this research study, we adapted the affective priming paradigm to investigate how the affective processing of visual stimuli is influenced by tactile softness perception.

Participated in DISCOVER URECA Poster Exhibition & Competition 2019.


A year long project to document my R Programming journey.

Multisensory Relationships Between Pleasantness and Softness

URECA (Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus) research report written with the support of NTU Touch Lab’s Associate Professor Ryo Kitada and Dr Achille Pasqualotto

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