Useful Resources for Psychology Undergraduates

Here you will find a compilation of resources I have found useful for my dual life as a psychology undergraduate and a novice researcher. This list is not exhaustive and will be updated occassionally for my benefit and yours:

Organisational Tools

  • Mendeley - useful for cataloging your fine mess of journal articles (thanks Delia xoxo).



  • APA (6th Edition) formatting by PurdueOWL.

  • APA manuscipt writing advice from the “pros”

  • Citation writing tip.

  • Methods writing tip.

  • Doi finder by Crossref - you will need the full reference to find the doi (hint: use Google Scholar).

  • Manuscript writing checklist.


Statistics & Methods

  • JASP - an open source statistical program for all your frequentist and/or bayesian needs. Learning Statistics with JASP is free!

  • Calculating standard deviations for factorial ANOVAs in SPSS.

  • Study Designs - neat breakdown of the different study designs.

  • How to teach stats? - comprehensive guide to parametric statstical tests.

  • Mnemonic for Type I and Type II errors.

  • Introduction to multilevel modeling (very useful primer, especially if you are working on a diary study).

Good Reads


Leong Utek
Leong Utek
Psychology Undergraduate